Introduction is an online store for pet prescription diets

Customers can buy prescription food online at home and enjoy free delivery service if they spend a specified amount. Customers can also choose to pick up their food by themselves. All prescription food is managed by our veterinary group, and the original packaging is guaranteed. The brands of prescription food sold include HILL’S, ROYAL CANIN, FARMINA VET LIFE, and SANIMED. The above brands also have an over-the-counter cat and dog food series, and there are suitable products for any health condition.

The online platform is simple and easy to use. All accounts have transaction records. Customers only need to upload the approved prescription letter/receipt once to repurchase.

The most important thing is our…
10% discount on all prescription food! 10% off prescription food! 10% off prescription food! More discounts are offered from time to time, please register as a member and keep up with our latest promotions.

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