PetStation – a department store for pet supplies.

We focus on the high quality of life of pets, and at the same time cater to you, who are smart consumers. We search for cost-effective yet high-quality pet food and supplies for owners.

Our target customers are mainly cat and dog owners. In addition to different cat and dog food brands, all kinds of pet products are available, and we take care of pets from start to finish. Ourone-stop shopping categories here are: Cat Hairball prevention, oral care, coat maintenance, eye care, ear care, joint care, immunity enhancement, heart health care, anti-cancer, urinary system care, liver health care, gastrointestinal health care.

New to owning pets? Don’t worry, we have a large medical team and trained technicians backing us up to answer all your questions. There is also a New Pet Owner area with feeding tips and helpful advice so that you can grow side by side with this important new member of the family.

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