The Peticare Medical Group established Pawsmetic Pet Grooming in 2018, we provide excellent and high-quality medical-grade professional pet grooming services.

We are also animal owners, and we deeply understand that it is not easy to put our confidence in other people to care for our animals. Pawsmetic is a high-quality and safe pet grooming company. With years of experience in operating veterinary clinics, we integrate high-quality pet medical knowledge, professionalism, hygiene, persistence, and care into pet grooming. We hope that owners will have a brand new experience in professional pet grooming.

We have a higher order of specifications from store hygiene, groomer training, to pet safety. The Pawsmetic grooming area has a full floor-to-ceiling glass wall so pet owners can watch the grooming of the animals with peace of mind. They can also see the craftsmanship of our beauticians. Our chief groomer of Pawsmetic has been awarded many certifications (Japanese, Hong Kong etc)

In addition, we pay more attention to hygiene and animal safety. In addition to the disinfection of grooming tools in the store, we use medical-grade disinfection methods to prevent cross-infection for each animal. Pet Groomers must go to the hospital for an internship and receive formal medical knowledge training. If the pet groomer finds any physical problems with the animal during grooming, they can immediately communicate with the owner and determine if the pet needs to see a veterinarian.

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